Kombucha Klub Logo Design


Adobe Illustrator




June 2021 - July 2021


This project was done for a friend of mine that was looking to start up a kombucha club at school. For this project I did not have many constraints, so I had a pretty open field for the design.

I chose to go with a more fun and vibrant theme/color palette that I felt matched the idea of the “Kombucha Klub” well.

I ended up making multiple different versions/designs so that there would be a variety to choose from. Once the final design was chosen, we decided on the best colors and typography for the final logo.

I made a couple of simple designs to choose from in order to give a range of options.

I selected a few typefaces that went well with the theme of the club. 

After the final logo and typeface was chosen, I put them together and found the best colors for the final logo.