Poster Series Design


Adobe Illustrator




March 2021 - April 2021


This poster series was done for a class project. We were prompted to choose an event or cause to design posters for, and I chose the topic of the death penalty in America. Other than a few requirements, I did not have many constraints with the design of the posters. 

I chose to go with a color palette that symbolized prison uniforms. I also chose to use typefaces that complemented the color palette and overall theme of the series.

After completing the final designs, I photoshopped the posters onto an environmental wall in order to see what they would look like in a “real environment”. 

For the first poster in the series, I wanted to make it simple yet still able to make a big impact. 

For the second poster in this series, I included important facts about the death penalty, as well as a way for people to take action.

For the last three posters, I included true stories of people that have been wrongfully convicted, and sentenced to death.