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Solo Project


August 2021 - December 2021


This project was done for a class project. The idea behind the project was to create a prototype of an app of our choosing.

I chose to create a marketplace app that allows college-age students to buy and sell their used textbooks to other students on campus.

The Process

  1. User research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. User interviews/surveys
  4. Moodboard
  5. Low-fidelity wireframing
  6. High-fidelity wireframing
  7. User testing


The Problem

On average, the typical college student spends around $500 on school textbooks in a semester ($1,000 per school year). The goal is to drastically decrease this stat. 

Most books from other re-sale sites take about 5-7 days to get into the hands of the buyer. There needs to be a way for students to be able to get their books quickly, and on time for their first class assignment.

The Solution

The idea was to create a platform for students to be able to browse, buy, and sell used college textbooks.

Since the demographic of this app are busy students that would like to save money, the platform would serve as a helpful tool to guide users to their wanted goals.

This app runs as a type of “virtual garage sale”. The users that are selling through the app are not companies or businesses, they are people, so it was important that the sellers’ needs were met just as well as the buyers.